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Common Signs of Paint Failure - continued

Cracking and ‘Alligatoring’

Crazing is that pattern of fine cracks and lines that can appear on a paint surface.  Often this can be due to the build up of paint layers over time, just aging of the paint or because of poor preparation. ‘Alligatoring’ is so called because it resembles the hide of an alligator and this sign of paint failure is often caused because the finish coat was applied before the undercoat or primer was completely dry  - causing the cracking of the finish coat. Although perhaps a desirable effect if you wish to 'antique' a piece of furniture, it is not when trying to protect your home from the elements!

Crazing and Alligatoring is a definite sign that major preparation work needs to be done on the exterior surface - usually involving scraping, sanding, filling and priming. To prevent future Crazing or Alligatoring the correct choice of prime coat is vital, and that it be allowed to dry sufficiently before the application of a top coat.

One of the main causes of rust bleed through in the historic building of New England are old and deteriorating nail heads. This is the cause of the rust spots that are so common on old houses. Using uncoated steel nails where excessive moisture exists under the paint causes this problem. If at all possible it is best to remove the rusted nail heads and replace them with hot-dipped galvanized nails or stainless steel fasteners. However, often it is not practical to remove rusting nail heads and in such cases the nail heads should be lightly sanded with sandpaper and dabbed with a rust converter. Also, all the surrounding siding that contains rust stains should be treated with a shellac- based sealer to prevent future bleed through.