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Fresh Paint!

There is nothing like a fresh new coat of paint to transform the exterior of your home! A new coat of paint will not only improve the look - and value - of your home but if applied correctly, it will also protect your home from the elements for many years to come.  A quality paint job from a professional painter will protect your home from water penetration, moisture issues, sun damage, rot and even pest infestationSo, what are some of the most common signs that your house needs some TLC? Find out here.

The Steps to a great paint job start here....

...We at Albion Painting pride ourselves in the amount of effort we take to properly prepare your home or office for its new look.

First - An Inspection Report

We thoroughly inspect your home and include a detailed assessment in our initial proposal

Then, We Clean your Home

We power wash or hand clean your home to remove all Mold, Mildew and dirt

Preparation Is Key!

All loose paint is scraped to ensure a good painting surface. All glossy surfaces are sanded to a dull matt. Any ‘bleed through’ or rust staining is sealed with a stain sealer and all gaps are caulked to prevent water intrusion.

Next, Paint.

All bare areas are primed with a quality primer - followed by premium quality paint, applied to a smooth, uniform finish.

And Finally, Clean Up.

Our crew at Albion Painting clean up daily and at the completion of the project. All paint chips are removed and disposed of safely, the work area inspected and all our materials  packed up and stored neatly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

After a final inspection, we at Albion  invite you to inspect our work - your satisfaction is paramount to us.  And remember,  all our work is backed up by our two year warrantee.

Preparation - The Albion Difference




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Painting the exterior or interior of your home or business?

Re-siding your home or repairing rot and storm damage?

Albion Painting provides Newburyport and surrounding areas with superior craftsmanship at a competitive price!

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